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The significance of the horse with the coloured mane and the blue sky.

Blue Sky

The blue sky you see wherever the SaddleFit logo is displayed, signifies the freedom of riding a horse, the lightness of a well fitting saddle and the incredible feeling, that anything is possible from the back of a good horse.

Wind Horse Flags

They are colourful and beautiful, magical and meaningful. They bless the space and empower the energies of the surrounds, purifying negativity…

They are an ancient tradition but besides the traditional meanings… they represent the possibility of a peaceful, compassionate, sacred world.

One hangs prayer flags to harmonise, magnetise, purify and offer, and send out prayers and blessing on the winds infinitely.

At the root of Tibetan Buddhism is the altruistic idea of benefiting all beings by ones actions of body, voice and mind.  Hanging these flags is a material (body) way to represent our deep compassion to the beings of all the realms. The subtle benefits include the generation of positive causes to produce positive effect i.e. –Karma

To dispel and restore harmony during environmental disruptions, negative energies, flailing life force, lack or loss and disruptive spirit energies… these are all great reasons to hang flags.


I have been making the Traditional sets in my Etsy shop for almost 10 years, they are called Windhorse prayer flags. Other variations of traditional flags have a centre Buddha or Goddess such as the Tara flags


རླུང་རྟ་ The symbolism on the Windhorse Prayer flag is rich with meaning, with multiple associations occurring in a harmonious whole. Windhorse Translates in Tibetan to Lung-Ta (རླུང་རྟ་) this is the general title given to all prayer flags.

The centre of the flag is a powerful horse, the horse has layers of meaning.  On one level it is the bringer of good fortune & prosperity, another the inner element… that of spirit or space. The windhorse is symbolic of our own vital energy power and capacity.


The flags are traditionally arranged in 5 colours – Yellow, green, red, white and blue- indications of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and space. On my particular prayer flags are 4 seed syllables boxes on the 4 corners which are a written representation of the snow lion, Guruda, Dragon and Tiger, again representing the 4 elements and specific energising powers.


There are many mantras surrounding the windhorse they include the common and more secret mantras of long life, compassion, skilful action and wisdom.

To truly understand the meanings of the mantras one would need some basic understanding of Tibetan Buddhism but in brief it includes practice mantras of the main deities such as Tara, Chenrezig, Manjushri, Vajrapani etc, Astrological associations, long life and prosperity mantras are included, as well a brief but complete Buddhist practice.

Tibetans hang Prayer flags on specific days during the Lunar calendar as magnetising energies peak at varies times and dates. Flags are hung high and are respected as a sacred object the breeze carries the blessings infinitely.

This is an excerpt from a post titled “Windhorse – the rich meaning of Tibetan Prayer Flags” on the Faerymother blog. It is shared with the kind permission of the author. Visit her blog and Etsy shop.

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