SaddleFit Australia Preferred Fitters


In the Perth Metro Area

We are currently training new Saddle Fitters in the Perth Metro area.  To keep up to date with announcements, like our Facebook Page.

In WA Regional Areas

We are currently training new Saddle Fitters in our busiest WA regional areas.  To keep up to date with announcements, like our Facebook Page.


A limited number of candidates are invited to train with us, in our new Foundation Certificate in Professional Saddle Fitting course.

This certificate is unique for a number of reasons. It is almost exclusively based in the field, with real-life customers and their horses, first observing and then participating in the saddle fitting process, under the close supervision of our Senior Fitter, Lou Collins. Also included is hands-on training in all the elements required to run a successful saddle fitting service, including customer service and business management. The emphasis is always on practical skills to help the candidate be productive from the start.


In order to be assessed as competent, candidates are required to complete case studies, assignments and practical assessments, to ensure that they have a solid grounding to prepare them for the wide variety of horses, riders and saddles that they are likely to encounter in the field.

Once final assessments have been completed, candidates will be known as SaddleFit Australia Accredited Fitters. Accredited Fitters are required to re-accredit each year in order to be considered Accredited.  This process includes assessment and mentoring to help candidates to stay on track.


SaddleFit Australia Accredited Fitters may apply to become SaddleFit Australia Preferred Fitters.  Preferred Fitters are a select group of the best fitters we have trained, who may be accessed via our website, and operate within the Perth Metro area and beyond.  We refer work to Preferred Fitters, as they work alongside us, helping us to service our ever expanding customer base.  Preferred Fitters are not employed by SaddleFit Australia, they are independent operators who maintain their own identity, but maintain a close association with us through their commitment to continual improvement in holistic saddle fitting.

Preferred fitters in the Perth Metro are able to offer Assessment Appointments with trial saddles from the Bates & Wintec range in conjunction with Horseland Maddington and Horseland Perth.

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