Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping to make the lives of working horses better. The owners we meet want to do the right thing for their horses, but it’s not always easy knowing what that is, particularly when they are new to horses or simply overwhelmed at the amount of information available.

In our work, we come across a lot of different types of saddles. Our job is to ensure that the saddle becomes a seamless connection between the moving rider on top and the moving horse below.  When the saddle is hindering that connection or causing discomfort to either one, we like to have as many options available to us as possible, to help improve the fit.

Although we are available to fit all brands and types of saddle, over the years the ones that have provided us with the most flexibility, have been the Bates Saddles & Wintec Saddles range.

As independent as we want to be

Our customers pay us to fit the saddles they want to use, we don’t earn our living by selling anything to anyone.  Where at all possible, we work with what the client already has.

The popularity of our Assessment Service however, illustrates the demand by our customers, for assistance in finding the best result for their horse, within the constraints of their budget.

A gentle, loving business

Good saddle fitting comes from a combination of sound technical skills, compassion for horses and humans, and a healthy dose of common sense.

We believe in good karma, of giving more than you take and leaving the world a better place than you found it. Our aim is to have a business where we treat our customers, whether they be Olympians or brand new pony clubber’s, with the same measure of respect and compassion.  In short, a gentle and loving business.

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