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We're passionate about horses.

We believe that good saddle fitting comes from a combination of sound technical skills, compassion for horses and humans, and a healthy dose of common sense. More

We fit all types of saddles

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Whether you're a competitive rider or a brand new pony clubber

if you want to do the best for your horse, then we’re your people.


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Bates Saddles

Specialist Fitters

Wintec Saddles

Specialist Fitters


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within Western Australia

We recommend and specialise in Bates Saddles & Wintec Saddles

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Starting in 2016, we will have a range of learning options available. Find out more

Why the blue sky wherever the SaddleFit logo is displayed ? To us, it signifies the freedom of riding a horse, the lightness of a well fitting saddle and the incredible feeling, that anything is possible from the back of a good horse.

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